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Appointment Setting
  It's a common fact that most salespeople hate making their own appointments - their skills are more attuned to face-to-face meeting and building future relationships with future clients. Would you rather have your sales people sat in the office pounding the phones all day or in front of a prospect closing a deal? Part of the pre-close process is to identify budget, authority, need and timescale on top of any other information required before the appointment is actually set.
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Lead Generation

"The spider with the most webs has the most luck" In order to maximise sales, the sales pipeline needs to be continually full. Our approach combines people with experience, skills, technology, systems and processes to ensure tangible results and maximum value everytime. Allow us to share our ideas and demonstrate how telephone marketing can, not only make you, but also save you a great deal of money.

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Enterprise Mapping
  Just imagine your salesperson sitting in front of a prospective client, not just knowing who they are but their business to date, where they have come from and where they are going to - their full organizational strategy and structure. We will profile and map your prospect giving you an in-depth and detailed plan which could form the basis for your sales approach, not to mention a head start on the competition.
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Direct Mail Design and Fulfillment
  As the pressure on the performance of direct marketing increases the ideas and strategies need to be better and the return on investment greater. We produce eye-catching promotions, delivered on time and within budget; bold graphics, concise ideas, and targeted promotions. Utilising the strengths of both traditional and digital media solutions we are able to advertise your message quickly while stimulating a greater response rate.
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  Who better to help your in house sales or customer service team than individuals who do this day in day out? M-R has over 10 years experience specifically training the call centre environment with outstanding results. Whether it is writing ad-hoc telephone training modules or personal development plans for long term success. From the analysis and design to the delivery and evaluation, allow M-R to develop your team and build on the strengths of your callers.
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Database Development and Procurement
  If you have ever used a database which is out of date you will understand how frustrating and embarrassing it can be, not to mention the perception of being unprofessional. Just imagine conducting a mail piece and finding out that 40% of the database has moved on, the exercise becomes costly for two reasons, not only have you wasted budget on design, print and postage but you have just helped your prospect make up their minds as to who wins the business. Don't let these mistakes cripple your business, contact us for trusted and reliable database development and procurement.
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Customer Satisfaction - TotalResponse

Competition has never been so fierce, and there has never been greater pressure on companies to find out - in detail - what their customers think and want. Studies have consistently shown that a "totally satisfied" customer is as much as ten times more likely to buy again than a customer who is merely "somewhat satisfied". Research also suggests that a "satisfied customer" spends 2.7 times more than a "somewhat satisfied" customer. Allow M-R to show you how we can turn possibilities into facts and help put a specific structure into your business.

You would be amazed at how many organisations do not really know exactly what their customers are thinking, what parts of the business could be improved, what issues they may have and how they could resolve them before their customers potentially 'vote with their feet'. The aim of the customer satisfaction survey is to enable you to identify problems, concerns and needs among your customers, all of which will sooner or later cost you sales and therefore profit. Along with a comprehensive reporting structure, we will deliver you a road map in order to help to develop your business while maximizing your profits.

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Seminar Support
  Speak to most agencies about filling a seminar or event and they will tell you that you have to accept at least a 50% drop-out-rate. Well, it doesn't have to be like that. M-R uses a formula that is proven to attract the right participants whilst reducing the drop-out-rate in the process. From breakfast briefing, on-line conferences or exhibition halls, we can fill them all with your target audience.
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